2 Scorching Sex Positions to Give Any Woman Powerful Orgasms – Never Let Her Find Out These!

# 1. The Erotic Mission : most women do not like the regular Missionary position. The reason is quite simple: it lacks clitoral stimulation. Here’s how you can modify the pose for more pleasure: as you get into the basic Missionary position, lean your body forward and rest your weight on her. Her legs should wrap around yours to ensure you both are balanced. During the deed, keep your motion back-and-forth. As well, she should rock her hips against your pubic bone to ensure the clitoris receives aggressive stimulation. The coordinated movements will result in a series of pleasure buildups to trigger amazing orgasmic sensation.

# 2. The Hot Wrap : she lies on her back with a pillow under the pelvis. You remain in half-kneeling position, facing her. Next, she wraps her legs around your waist to pull you into her. That way, she’s in perfect position for massive G-spot stimulation. Also, the deep penetration allows your rock hard member to explore every inch at the end of vaginal canal. The hot connection will make her orgasms better than before!

Hint: to earn extra erotic credit, you will want to alternate between fast and slow motion randomly. This will make her completely aroused and increase the likelihood of climax.

# 3. Your Highness : lay your lucky lady down and have her to face the ceiling. You kneel in front of her, and grab her ankles. Once you are inside her, you cross her legs to narrow the vaginal path. This will provide tantalizing squeeze to your member and make you feel incredibly huge. Most importantly, the blissful stimulation is going to make her deliciously satisfied!

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